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The Challenge
GPS Link Submission
General Safety Tips





Refunds or bib transfer?
No, this is not allowed under any circumstances.

Sell or give your entry to another participant?
No, this is not allowed under any circumstances. If we identify someone who has given their entry to another person, it will result in disqualification and risk of a ban from our future events.

I registered later than the flag-off date (03/09/2016), can I still submit my previous workout?
Yes you can, as long as you have GPS link as proof.


Can I walk instead of run?
As long as it is a walking workout, YES. However, walking inside shopping mall will not be accepted.

Can I play Pokemon Go while taking the challenge?
Yes, as long as the Pokemon Go is conducted outdoor. Please be alert and avoid falling into the drain.

Can I submit my treadmill workout activity?
We encourage outdoor activity, so the treadmill workout will not be recognized and contribute to the total mileage.

How far average per day I need to run for the challenge?
1000km/177days = 5.6km per day. 

What if I get injured during the event?
Injury prevention is part of the challenge, please take good care of your own safety and always listen to your body.

What happened if I only do 999km?
DNF (Did Not Finish), and you will receive a token of appreciation from The Organizer via courier.

What if I wanted to do more than 1000km?
Please carry on, there are some special reward for you if you can make it to Top 3 highest mileage.

I submitted my GPS Link, but my total mileage is not updated instantly.
The total mileage in the ranking will only be updated once it's verified, it will not be updated instantly upon your submission.

I submitted my GPS Link, but it was rejected or classified as "Under Investigation".
If we found some activities is having abnormal data, such as finishing a Full Marathon faster than the world record, we will investigate, and the runner is given 3 days to respond.
If there is no response within 3 days, it will be deemed invalid and will not be entertained.

What if the weather is super bad, such as haze...
Depends on how bad it is, we might have different decisions, such as extending the event period to allow more buffer for all participants.

What is the finishing condition for a team of 2 members?
2,000km, which is 1,000km for each of the team members.

How about a team of 3 members?

Can I request to change my team members?
No, unfortunately changing of team members is not allowed. Please select your member carefully.

Team member changes will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances, which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

What happen if I did not finish my individual category, but my team does?
You DNF your individual category, but finishing as a team.

If I stop halfway, can my teammates cover up the remaining distance for me?
Yes, for example, a team consists of 3 members, but if you only managed a 500km, your teammates will have to cover up the balance of 500km, as long as the total mileage for the team is equal to 3,000km then everyone in the team will be qualified as Finisher.

Does this event #Hashtag?
Of course! Please post with the hashtag #T1KC. Use it on all social media platforms so everyone can find your updates, during and after the event!




Guides on Garmin Connect, Runtastic, RunKeeperNike+ and Strava.

Where to locate my GPS activity link using PC/laptop?

From your GPS activity page, copy the whole URL from your internet browser and paste it into the GPS submission form. 

How do I get my GPS activity link using Smartphone app?
From your GPS activity page, look for the "share" button, click on it and see if you can find "Copy Link" or "Copy to clipboard", select it and paste the link into the GPS submission form.

I am using Nike+ Running, it doesn't have copy link feature, and even if I share to FB, it doesn't have a link to copy, so how?
In this case, please add our official Nike+ user below and submit your workout following this GUIDES.

Username: PASEM T1KC
Email address:

What if my Smartphone app can only share on social media?
In this case, you can share to Facebook first, and submit to us the URL, The Organizer must be given the rights to access and verify the activity.

How many links I could submit at once?
Maximum 3 activities for each submission.

Do I have a timeframe for submission?
Please submit your GPS link within 1 weeks. Any activities submitted after 1 weeks will be deemed invalid and not contributed into the total mileage.

Can I submit my race result from the running event's ranking page?
In this case, we only accept Half-Marathon (21km) and above. As long as you have a valid proof on their ranking page. (Bib Number and Name as per your registration)

I have completed a 100km Ultramarathon, but my GPS watch run out of battery during 80kms, how?
Same as the above scenario, we recognize any event distance above 21km. Submit to us the relevant documents for verification purpose.



Don't wear ear phone
Be aware of your surroundings. Your ears may help you avoid dangers your eyes may miss.

Run against traffic
You will be able to react quicker than if the traffic is behind you.

Look both ways before crossing the road
Stay alerted!

Carry a phone with you
Useful if you need to call for help.

Vary your running route
Run in familiar areas if possible. In unfamiliar areas, such as traveling, know where open businesses or stores are located in case of emergency.

Leave a word on the location you run
Tell your friends and family of your running routes.

Run with a partner
Especially for female runners.

Wear reflective material
Especially when you need to run after dark.


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