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T1KC-3rd Edition updates (17032018-02042018)

David The Cat pasem

Hello fellow runners!

Here we are just passing the 2nd week of 3rd Edition...have you progressing well? I hope so. This is our first update post for the 3rd Edition and I would like to share with you all some latest updates regarding the event:

1. Rule changes for Trail running:

Some of you might have noticed this, and if you don't already know, we have given the extra "40%" a capped now, which is 5km Maximum. Apart from this, elevation gain will also take into account from now on, a minimum of 500m gain is required to be considered as trail workout...So, to sum it up, Trail workout must be 80% covered by trail with 500m (w/ a buffer 450m) in order to gain 40% extra / 5km extra.

2. Rule change for Treadmill:

Nothing much except a 5km capped or 40% decrement whichever comes first.

3. Statistical report on weekly basis.

Starting from next week, we will generate a Statistical report every week and list down some data such as "highest weekly mileage for past 7 days", "Longest distance in 1 single workout", "Current Leader for various achievement titles" and so on...the report will be sent by email and also on our official Facebook page.

At the time of writing this report, the top runners have already completed more than 300 this rate, we expected to have the first 500km finisher in less than 2 weeks. I think that's about it now, good luck and happy running!

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