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T1KC3 - Event Ended, thank you for joining.

David Cheah

Greetings runners,

The 1.000Km Challenge 3rd Edition is finally ended, we are pleased to announce the winners of The 1,000KM Challenge-3rd Edition. Congratulations to all the winners below:



We are currently working on your Finishing packs and the delivery will start in about a week time so stay tuned!

Last but not least, 
we would like to thank you all for the 6 months of accompanying and we are more than thankful to have you participating in our event...Finisher or not, we hope you had fun.

All the best and see you in the future.

David Cheah

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  • Wayne on

    It’s indeed a fun and challenging virtual event which challenge ourselves to the limit while staying out of injuries. Thanks for making this happen and kudos to all the rules, terms and conditions for activities submission.

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